Palestinian dies of wounds in Israeli airstrike on Gaza

A Palestinian young man on Monday succumbed to wounds sustained from Israeli airstrikes on Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, WAFA reported quoting medical sources.

The death of Omar Naji Abu Khater, 21, brings the death toll of Saturday's Israeli airstrikes on Gaza to seven, while more than seven others were injured.

Israel's warplanes attacked Palestinians in Khan Younis who engaged an Israeli undercover unit that sneaked into Gaza in an apparent attempt to abduct fighters. When the members of the unit were exposed, Palestinian fighters engaged then in a gun battle, killing one Israeli officer and seriously wounding another.

The Israeli air force intervened to get its men out of Gaza and opened fire at the Palestinian fighters, leaving six dead including one senior member of Hamas militias, who seem to have been the target of the undercover unit.

As a result, Palestinians fired rockets into southern Israel while the airstrikes continued during the night on Gaza, threatening to torpedo a days-old shaky truce between Israel and Hamas. However, last-minute mediations from third parties seem to have prevented a more serious escalation in the situation.

Source: International Islamic News Agency