Afghan parent demands to cancel bail order of their son’s killers

Peshawar: The bereaved Afghan parent has demanded of Chief Justice Peshawar High Court (PHC) to issue an order to cancel bail of their son’s killers and award exemplary punishment to them.

Talking to media persons here at Press Club on Thursday, the parent Syed Munawar Shah and mother of the slain alleged that his son Syed Arif Shah had been killed by his wife Saeeda, step-son Abdullah and bother-in law in holy month of Ramadan (2015) in area of Nasapa Bakhsu, an outskirt area of Peshawar.

Giving details of the incident, the father said that his son Syed Arif Shah 19 years old had got marriage with a 40 years old Pakistani divorced woman some years ago without will of his parents despite she had some descendants as well.

He said since they belonged to Qundoos (Afghanistan) went there for summer winter two years back and then due to worst situation in the country could not return to Pakistan but his son lived with his wife Saeeda as Syed Arif Shah was earning livelihood as a conductor in Pak-Afghan bus transport service in Hayatabad.

The slain son, he said wanted to meet his parent in Afghanistan along with his four years old daughter Soni but his wife did not allow him in this regard, which he added led to scrimmage between them (Husband and wife). The wife, he accused of informing her son about the matter that his step-father beat her, which infuriated him to take revenge and forced his mother for divorce from Arif.

The step-son, he alleged that tried his level best to kill his step-father by the help of some other people at home but he managed to flee. The next day, the bereaved father said his wife called him to come back to home as she did away with her parents forever and there was no threat for his life.

“My slain son kept calling me to Afghanistan that his wife wants divorce but I advised him to hold a Jirga to solve the issue between you and your wife”, he informed and added he did not know that son would be killed.

When Arif came back to home, he was killed allegedly by his step-son and bother-in law and Saeeda (Arif’s wife) in last Ramadan, he blamed and said that he was informed in this regard in Afghanistan. He said then they took dead body to their country and lodged First Information Reporter (FIR) against involved three persons in Police Station Khazana.

The police then arrested the killers, who have confessed during investigation that they killed Syed Arif Shah and a video is also available recorded by police. The parent lamented that despite their confession, they murderers were released on bail, which is an injustice with them. They, therefore, demanded for arresting again and death sentence be given to them.