Blind people protests against PBA president

Peshawar: Blind people held a protest demonstration against the Pakistan Blind Association (PBA) president for allegedly corruption of the association funds here on Friday.

They demanded of the government to make an inquiry regarding the release fund to the association and provide right to deprived sightless people.

Carrying banners and placards inscribed with different slogans in favour of their demands, the protesting demonstrators gathered outside Peshawar Press Club and shouted their full throat slogans against the association president.

They were led by Qari Muhammad Ibrar, Hazrat Wali, Alam Zeb and Naveed.

Talking to reporters they blamed that the association president had been receiving funds on the name of the association for 40 years but instead of spending the funds on the reserve blind people the president used for his personal interest and made property.

The president, they further alleged that received money from blind people for the association membership while nothing done for the unsighted people and had embezzled million foreign funds.

They demanded of the PTI led-coalition government to remove the PBA president and provide them their valid rights.

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