Centre has to give KP all its due rights and share in resources, Sikandar Sherpao

Peshawar: Provincial Senior Minister for Irrigation and Social Welfare Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao has said that it is our cherished desire to put this backward province on the track to speedy progress and prosperity and for attaining this goal the federal government will be made to give Khyber Pakhtunkhwa all its due rights and share in resources to remove the sense of deprivation of the Pakhtuns for good.

Addressing various public meetings at Sherpao, Charsadda district, the Senior Minister said that had the central government given the province its due rights and share in mega projects, the people of this province today would neither have been confronting the agonizing problem of power load shedding nor lacked the basic facilities of life. He said being elected public representatives we are the custodians of the provincial rights as well as the public interests and will never do any compromise in this regard.

He further said we are fully aware of the problems facing the poor People and will ensure the judicious and timely utilization of the available resources to address the public sufferings at the earliest as per their expectations.

Sikandar Sherpao hailed the participation and election of the womenfolk in the recently held local bodies’ elections in the province and said that this had given them a political platform to raise voice for securing the rights of the women as well as playing a matching role for the uplift of this hitherto neglected province.

He said the present provincial government is focusing on the skill development and empowerment of women so that they too could lead an honourable life.

On this occasion, a number of political figures of Sardheri, Charsadda including Ghafr Ali, Abdur Rahman, Shamsher Ali, Sher Mohammad, Javid, Alam Zeb, Mohammad Iqbal, Jahangir, Mohammad Sher and Saifullah along with their families and colleagues announced quitting their respective political parties and joining the QWP.

The Senior Minister, who is also the Provincial Chairman of QWP, welcome the new entrants and said that with their joining, the party had gained further impetus to work for the welfare and prosperity of the Pakhtuns.