CM Chairs meeting on SPDF (Donor Conference)

Peshawar: KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has rejoiced that concrete steps against corruption and bringing maximum transparency in the govt machinery has started yielding fruits as it besides the people of this province, has also restored confidence of international community and donor agencies in the development policies of PTI led coalition govt in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and they are expending increased support to us in this regard.

“I am confident that the collective wisdom backed by technical expertise of the development partners, civil society, sustained political will and donors’ commitment will provide necessary inputs for achieving successful results under the 8 outcomes of Strategic Development Partnership Framework (SPDF)”, he added and reiterated the pledge of his govt to achieve these  outcomes viz a viz peace building and rule of law, economic growth and job creation, basic health, elementary and secondary education with additional focus on skills and technical education, gender equality, enhancing fiscal space, transparency and accountability and improved citizen partnership.

He was addressing as chief guest at Strategic Dialogue (Donor Conference) on Development Partnership framed by KP Govt for donor countries and agencies at Islamabad. On this occasion Senior Minister for Finance Siraj-ul-Haq, Senior Minister for Health & Agriculture Shahram Khan Tarakai, Chief Secretary Muhammad Shehzad Arbab and Additional Chief Secretary Khalid Pervez highlighted development strategies of provincial govt while the missions heads, country Directors and emissary of 22 donor agencies  including World Bank, Asian Development Bank , DFID, USAID, GIZ, KSW, Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), UNDP, JICA, AUS AID, EU, Norway, Canada and Netherland, spoke on the occasion who appreciated the policies of change and transparency in public sector institution and anticorruption measures of the provincial govt and evolving development partnership with donor agencies for transparent use of the donor countries tax payer’s money.

They assured full support and assistance in human development efforts of the provincial govt. They specially eulogized the dynamic leadership of Chief Minister Pervez Khattak on reforms and good governance saying that provincial govt wisely switched its policies and priorities from material development to human welfare.

Pervez Khattak while thanking the donor agencies for generous support and assurances in furthering the developmental strategies of KP govt said that his govt is also revamping its policing and security forces and resourcing them with latest equipment to mitigate security risks.

However he said we welcome the inputs and assistance of our development partners to augment our efforts in financial challenges related to peace and security in our neighbourhood. “I am pleased to note that the development partners are cognizant of these challenges and have debated their cause-and-effect relationship at length”, he maintained adding that on behalf of the KP govt, we assure our development partners that we have planned elaborate development strategies to expedite and tap the growth potential of the province, based on the realistic assessment of its comparative and locational advantages.

These strategies, he said, would be refined during the deliberations with the sectoral experts and completed with clear milestones and targets with robust monitoring mechanisms to be put in place to ensure results, which both the donors and the government have agreed as the key deliverable of the Strategic Dialogue.

The Chief Minister said that his govt has initiated an ambitious agenda of Transformational Development whose key elements included improvement in governance and service delivery through reforms, accountability/ transparency and bringing citizens closer to the state, economic development by harnessing comparative advantage of the provincial natural resources, institutional strengthening for better utilization of resources, concerted efforts to enhance government-donors coordination.

“The pivotal element of Government-Donors Coordination has been strategized through the pioneering Strategic Dialogue which commenced on 2nd October last year when the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and its key development partners, agreed to adopt the Strategic Development Partnership Framework or SPDF, and is based on the democratic principle of mutual accountability”, he added and asked the mission heads and country directors of donor agencies to support him as head of the provincial govt and honour promises as he has strong interest in the robust execution of the SDPF and speedy development of the province aimed at ameliorating lot of its people specially the poor.

He however expressed satisfaction by the progress made since October. “I remain optimistic that the sectors covered under the SPDF have the potential to address key development challenges in the province. I am glad to note that this effort will now be augmented by the upcoming integrated Development Strategy which will facilitate the operationalization of the SDPF”, he added.

Pervez Khattak however said that despite this progress, we should not underestimate the backlog of the provincial development challenges, which have been compounded by lack of good governance and security risks spanning over decades in the past regimes.

There are significant risks, he said, associated with peace and security for the provincial government during the current year, due to developments in our neighbouring country, which is contiguous to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He later while talking to media asserted that PTI led govt has successfully restored confidence of donor agencies and international community due to its transparent economic and fiscal measures with cover of legislation and all of them were quite sure now that their tax payer’s money would be spent in transparent and judicious manner and will not be wasted through luxuries and loot by the rulers.

He said that our joint ventures would enable us to combat the challenges of unrest, security, poverty and unemployment but a new era of economic growth and extended facilities as well as opportunities of human welfare, health, education and socio economic uplift would be made available besides enabling us to provide justice to all and sundry, especially to our youth.

He revealed that PTI led govt was introducing “construct schools” program for reconstruction of additional class rooms and even schools damaged due to earth quake and terror acts in the past wherein Overseas Pakistanis have shown keen interest in sponsoring such a vital scheme, he concluded.

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