CM inaugurates enrolment campaign in KP

Peshawar: The KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has said the dual clause-based education system has been replaced with unified English medium education system all over the province from the current academic year that will become a milestone in bringing about educational revolution and then turn into a silent economic revolution in the decade to come.

Similarly the deficiency of teacher and class rooms in all schools of five selected districts including Peshawar will be fulfil while the ration of one teacher for forty students will be ensured in each class wherein this program will be expanded to entire province then after. “In future there will be complete ban on transfers of teacher and they will have to teach at same school till retirement like that of private schools so that responsibilities for good results are felt and govt also get rid of the transfers issue of teachers”, he added.

He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of enrolment campaign as chief guest at GHSS No.1 Peshawar Cantt. On this occasion the Chief Minister enrolled children with filling and signing their admission forms as well as giving them free text books.

The function besides teachers, parents, and students in large number was attended by Senior Minister Siraj-ul-Haq, Minister Education Muhammad Atif Khan, Minister Mineral Development Ziaullah Afridi, MPAs Fazle-Ilahi, Ishtiaq Urmer, Arif Yousaf and high authorities of education department. Title of the enrolment campaign is fixed as “Learn and change life”.

The Chief Minister said that education and health are their top priorities and for this purpose emergency has been declared in these two sectors. He said that the provincial government endeavours to make the standard of public sector schools such higher and attractive so the people withdraw their children from private schools and start their enrolment in the government run schools.

He said that today the situation is so worse that the people has lost confidence in public sector educational institutions that even poor parents are also reluctant in enrolling their children in them. He expressed sorrow over the matter that today a huge portion of resources and budget of billions of rupees have been spent on education. But, the graph of results instead of going upward is going down zero-level.

The chief minister said that what a school and education they would be if students carried copying the presence of their teacher and instead of discouragement promote this menace. He said that we should learn from our mistakes and should take better and harsh decisions in the interest of our future generation.

However, he said that this goal could not be achieved without joint efforts and cooperation of the Department of Education, teachers and parents. Therefore, he said that we should have become fully aware. He said that now parents-teachers committees are being established at the level of schools, which besides standard of education will also monitor all educational an administrative needs of school and targets.

The chief minister said that the coalition government of PTI this year is launching ‘Build School (School Banao) Campaign. During the campaign, he said beside local affluent expat Pakistanis will also requested for extending financial assistance and donations and under an already conducted survey and plan they will practically participate on the basis of their resources in the constructions of schools, class rooms and toilets wherever required .

He said that the present dilapidated conditions of our schools is known to all as some schools with six classes have only two rooms and two or three teachers and some were lacking basic amenities like toilet, furniture and water. The province, he said is facing shortage of 12000 to 14000 class rooms and furniture while our resources are limited and now we have changed it with the cooperation of the people.

The chief minister said that they had promulgated legislations for abolition of corruption, nepotism and supremacy of law, merit and justice, which will promote transparency and restore the confidence of the people. He said that the PTI government after cleaning the dirt of corruption from Department of Education and educational institutions has started strict adhering to standard and transparency.

These endeavours of the provincial government, he said will usher durable and realistic change while in other provinces people are consecutively hoodwinked on lip services. He said that in other provinces instead of transparency ad-hocism is still reigning.

The chief minister said that their political rivals are witnesses the change as the parameter of their change is corruption towards which they have zero-tolerant and vowed they will take the graph of change from present 10 to 15 per cent to 100 per cent and will turn the province into a model not only in Pakistan, but will make it a model region of the whole world.

He said that Bangladesh has also changed due to transparency and abolition of corruption and we should also have to change. He said that they will come up to the expectations youth, which want change and opportunity to utilize their capabilities in a clean and transparent environment and prevent the wastage of their energies due to illiteracy and unemployment. He appreciated the efforts of the Department of Education for fixation of targets for bringing improvement in the standard of education and launching of comprehensive program in this regard.

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