CM inaugurates Paradise Farms Housing Scheme

Peshawar: KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has said that system makes countries and nations but unfortunately the past rulers focused attention on their personal gains. He reiterated pledge of his PTI led coalition govt that a corruption free just and fair system was being introduced in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa wherein the rulers even in the future could not find any backdoor of loot and plunder while the departments would become accountable to the people and not the ‘kings’.

He asked the Peshawarites to wait a bit more to ameliorate lot of this city on the pattern of Lahore under a comprehensive plan. “Mass Transit Plan is being pursued seriously that will yield a brisk network of roads, bridges and traffic management system to be admired world-over while its past glory will also be restored in shape of evergreen parks, green belts and flowers seen everywhere”, he added.

He was addressing as chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of modern housing scheme in Nowshera under Paradise Farms. The company CE Haji Jan Alam and Project Director Azizullah Khan highlighted its scientific planning and other aspects while the ceremony besides MNA Imran Khattak, MPAs Zarin Zia, Arif Yousaf, Saeed Gul, EX-MPA Liaqat Khattak, Ishaq Khattak was largely attended by youth and elite of the area.

Pervez Khattak said that availability of basic civic facilities including proper planning, water supply and sewerage system was the main characteristic of any housing society but unfortunately our people construct homes in slum or undeveloped areas and then start demanding the facilities of sewerage and water supply from the govt that usually over burden the govt resources.

He said that promoting housing schemes in private sector would not only reduce burden over the govt but people would be never faced with any difficulties from the very beginning. He said investment in housing sector was need of the hour. However he asked the people to beware of frauds in colourful housing schemes.

Chief Minister deplored that political parties after becoming at the helm of affairs in the past, usually forgot its promises. They pleased the people only with lip service on one hand while looted the public money on the other and increased the burden of taxes and loans on masses.

However he said that this time the people changed history and geography of the politics by voting PTI into power for change. He vowed that there would be no fraud, mockery and lies in politics then but people would be served in real and targets of development would be achieved as such. “People have sent the past wicked rulers on long leave”.

He said that PTI coalition govt would ensure 100% fulfilment of its election slogans. “We did not promise with the people to construct grand palaces and high rise buildings but instead promised for changing the system that was a hard task but we are pursuing it with letter and spirit”, he maintained adding that all the govt departments have been made subservient to facilitate the masses to maximum extent.

He cautioned that head of that institution or department would be punished where staff was found absent or equipment and facilities lacked. “We besides eliminating the scourge of corruption from the govt machinery and society are also ensuring the supremacy of law, merit and justice. Candid legislation is made for this purpose during last one year while all these laws are first implied upon ourselves.

Anybody do not believe when I travel in Islamabad, Lahore or any other city in rest of the country without protocol but i enjoy it”, he added and vowed that we all have entered into system of change and no one should expect from us to do any unlawful act.

Pervez Khattak pledged that PTI in KP would give practical shape to all dreams of its party chairman Imran Khan and his each and every promise with the people would be honoured accordingly. He said that Peshawar would be made a model city not only for KP but all over the country. Mass Transit Plan would entirely change its face and would considerably add to its beauty. He regretted that no heed was given to its development in the past.

This city has 13 parks with 260 officials for its maintenance but its plight is secret to none. Similar is the case with all the roads, streets, traffic, sewerage, water supply and hygienic conditions in the city.

However he said that all these things were being changed rapidly. He said that works on green and clean Peshawar and mass transit projects would be further expedited in the new fiscal year and there would be no traffic jams on roads and squares of the city then.

He lauded the Paradise Farms Housing scheme for introducing new housing trends in it. He asked the private sector to give attention for investment in housing and further improvements in it that would also cause increase in its clients and business. He also asked the youth associated with construction sector to improve their creative capabilities so that the dream of a healthy and successful Pakistani nation could be cherished as soon as possible.

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