EPI technicians warn to boycott polio campaign

Peshawar: Technicians of Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, have warned to boycott from the upcoming anti-polio drive, other vaccination program if their salaries not paid and their services not regularized.

They warned that if government failed to accept their demands they would again protest outside residence of PTI chairman in Islamabad.

Speaking at press conference at press club here on Monday, president of All EPI/Gavi Employees Association, Irfanullah said despite clear cut directives of PTI chief, Imran Khan, the provincial health department has been failed to pay the salaries of more than 272 EPI technicians of Gavi (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) who are waiting for last seven months for their salaries.

He said that government had assured them their salaries would be paid by March 25, along with regularization of their services. “ we regret that government failed to materialized its promises” he said.

Flanked by the Chairman of the association Malik Qamar, vice president Asfandyar, and Sarfaz Durrani, Imran Shah and others, Infranullah said GAVI project will end this by June this year therefore delaying tactics have been adopted by the authorities.

He complained health authorities didn’t payout honorarium to EPI technicians for their duties in special polio eradication campaign in the province. He also raised the issue of deduction in salaries and other problems, being faced by health workers.

He claimed the more than 5,000 positions of health technicians were vacant in provincial health department, which needed to be filled by regularization of their services.

In the initial phase, he informed a number of EPI/Gavi employees had been regularized.

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