JI rejects PPO announce to challenge it in SC after consultation

Peshawar: Jamat-e-Islami on Monday while rejecting Pakistan Protection Ordinance (PPO) said that senior lawyers would be consulted to challenge the ordinance in Supreme Court of Pakistan.

“ We consider PPO a  law passed in gross violation of human rights which would turn the country in to a police state by giving power of shooting to an officer of grade fifteen” Siraj said while addressing an iftar dinner.

He said that this is very regrettable that the so-called of champion of democracy that they have kept a mum over the passage of such a law adding that India had made such laws for occupied Kashmir.

Siraj said that his party would continue to support democratic system and would not become part of any such movement which would damage the democratic system. However he said that the present government had been badly failed to deliver and fulfil its commitments.

“ Neither load shedding is ended nor peace has  been restored while unemployment has been on the rise in the country. Why Nawaz Sharif is not acting on his election manifesto, we realize him that he  should read his manifesto once again,” Siraj said.

Criticizing PPP and PML both, he said that both had been supporting each other and they would never conduct accountability of each other. “ PML  (N) was friendly opposition in PPP tenure and now PPP is acting as friendly opposition to protect PML,” he said.

He said that the hard workers poor people had been sending their hard earned money as remittances to Pakistan but this shameful that the corrupt leadership were depositing money in foreign accounts.

He said that JI would give a new agenda to the people after launching mass contact drive after Eid that would be a new ray of hope for the poor people to get rid of the corrupt leadership.

On this occasion he said that JI would not leave IDPs alone and would provide every possible assistance to the people of Waziristan who were passing through a hard time of their life.

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