Journalists’ forum demands establishment of Provincial Sensor Board

Peshawar: The Culture Journalists Forum (CJF) have appreciated the services of secretary Culture, tourism, sports and archaeology Azam Khan for the promotion of culture and welfare of the artists of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a release said.

A meeting of the forum held, here on Monday. The participants discussed various issues and praised RICH Project and Ya Qurban competition launched throughout the province. Ihtisham Toru, president CFJ said that besides the providing financial assistance to the artists, the secretary had also been more eager to arrange culture activities to revive the local culture and traditions.

He said that the culture department had taken steps which had helped the art and artists’ community in the real sense. He also urged the artists of the province to boycott the producers who were tarnishing the Pashto culture in the name of the cultural activities and cultural shows.

The CJF demanded of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to immediately approve the recommendations for setting up of a censorship board in the province to stop the anti-cultural and immoral activities and stage shows that had distorted the image of Pa culture.

He said that our culture was severally affected due to non-availability of a censorship board clear cultural policy but the secretary culture took great step and held a consultative meeting with all the stake- holders a few days ago censorship board.

Talking about the copy rights of the artists and producers, the chief CJF told the meeting that due to lack of protection of copy rights, the artist were deprived of the struggle and efforts they had been making in creating quality stuff. He said that how they artists would l create and good programmes, if they got no benefits from their work.

“Not only Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but the whole country will remember the services rendered by Azam Khan for the promotion of our culture,” the meeting said

It added that our culture was completely ignored in the past and it was Mr Khan who gave support to that sinking ship. The CFJ expressed the hope that further steps would be taken by the secretary culture for the promotion of Pakhtun culture, especially the culture policy would be drafted and censorship board would be set up to prevent the non-cultural shows and programmes in the province. He added that the artists would also be provided protection of the rights on their work.