KTH presents Report of its achievements

Peshawar: Khyber Teaching Hospital(KTH), Peshawar is a diversified hospital catering million of patients annually not from Peshawar but from across the province, IDPs patients and patients from Afghanistan.

There are about 35 different units and 20 major operation theaters in this hospital, working round the clock providing health services to the patients. The Chief Executive Prof. Dr. Inayat Shah Roghani and Medical Superintendent Dr. Mohammad Ali Chohan along with a team of administrative officers are supervising all the activities in the hospital.

Medicine details for the year 2014 include a total medicine/ disposable items issued for Special Initiative Program from Accident & Emergency Pharmacy to all accident/ burns/ Labor patients and other emergencies costed Rs.32.00 million, medicine / disposable items issued in General Ward for admitted patients, Rs 25.50 million, anesthesia drugs provided in different operation theaters, Rs:15.00 million, medical gases provided to the patients in OT,Medical ICU, Surgical ICU and other general wards, Rs:8.90 million, kidney dialyzes and free medicine to dialysis patients, Rs:23.00 million and Medicines issued to the Drug Abuse Treatment Centre were costed Rs: 0.5million

While the statistical data of the hospital were mentioned as, that total patients examined in Accident & Emergency Department (643226), total patients examined in OPD (496027), total investigations carried out in Pathology Department (Laboratory) (264293), total patients admitted in different units (77912),total X-ray carried out in Radiology Department(153832), total Ultrasound carried out in Radiology Department (63149), total blood bank screening tests conducted (95000), total major operations carried out(14933) Different investigations carried out in Cardiology etc (58667), total patient visited physiotherapy department(14642), total CT Scan carried out in Radiology Department(14141), total MRI Scan carried out in Radiology Department(7338), total Audiology procedure (Ear & Nose)(4726),Procedure carried out in Pulmonology Deptt; (Bronchoscopy, PFT etc.)(3168), Patients examined in Dental OPD(2170), Procedure carried out in Dermatology department(1307), Procedure carried out in Ophthalmology Department(9757) Dialysis carried out in Nephrology Department(6209), Procedure carried in Psychiatry Department (EEG)(834), Endoscopy carried out(618) and Lithotripsy carried out in Nephrology Department ( 244),says an official release received from KTH, Peshawar on Tuesday.

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