LCA KP rejects the local government Rules of Business

Peshawar: Local Council Association (LCA) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have rejected the local government Rules of Business (RoB) and gave 20th December as a deadline to the government to withdraw it, failing which a province wide protest demonstrations and agitation will be launched.

Speaking at a news conference here at Press Club on Monday, General Secretary of Local Government Association (LGA) Israrullah Advocate alleged that the elected representatives of the local government system (LGS) had been made completely powerless as all powers were delegated to Deputy Commissioner (DC) and Assistant Commissioner (AC) even utilization of developmental funds.

Accompanied by other elected and members of District, Town and Village and neighbourhood including Ali Haider provincial secretary information, Zahid Advocate, Razaullah Khan, Tajammul Khan, Malik Firdaus, Mohammad Khan, female councillors, , he claimed that the LG’s RoB conflicted with Article 140-A of the constitution of Pakistan and Local Government Act. The article and LG Act, he informed that empowered the elected representatives aimed at serving the masses because the system directly connects with citizens, who he added could easily contact their elected representatives but when they would be powerless, then how they serve them in a fitting manner.

Giving example of RoB, he said DC had been made head of district development committee and district was not even made member of that committee, seminally, Assistant commissioner was made head of tehsil development committee and tehsil nazim was not even member of that committee.

As per 140-A, all political, administrative and financial powers of the local government can only be exercised by the elected representatives of the local government, he further informed.

We requested the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government to keep LG system of 2001 intact, that system was good empowering Nazimeen to deliver to the people at gross root level, and he added and claimed the PTI-led government pledged to give more powers to the elected representatives as compared to the LG 2001.

The GS said that LCA KP had welcomed the LG Act 2013 but all powers were snatched from the elected representatives through RoB unconstitutionally and against LG Act.

The members of LCA KP said the protest demonstrations would be held at every district headquarter and appealed all elected local government representatives to take part in the demonstrations to save local democracy.