Minorities demands to raise voices for their rights at govt level

Peshawar: Speakers at a meeting on Minorities have demanded of the government to form a Commission for non-Muslim Pakistanis to raise voices for their rights at government level.

The meeting was held with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) titled, “Religion Freedom and Minority Rights” organized by South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-Pk) here at a local hotelon Tuesday.

The representatives of different CSOs appreciated the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (PK) government for taking steps regarding replacement of Islamiat Compulsory with Ethics, which they added was fulfillment of a big demand of the non-Muslims.

Those shared their views about the minority’s rights were included Shahida Shah and Saman Ara of SAP, Humaira Rahman, Shagufta, Aisha, Khursheed Bano, Auguston Jacob, Amir Saeed, Shamsher Ali, Hashim Raza Advocate, Radesh Singh Tony and others.

The commission, they said that would be comprised of parliamentarians and representatives from all minorities to discuss and try to resolve issues being faced by non-Muslims in KP province. “The SAP national office has been preparing the draft in this regard”, Shahida Shah informed.

Shagufta on the occasion said that her organization was working on different aspects about peace and minority rights as to review curriculum whether it contains hatred lesion or not, if yes, a demand would be made of the government to remove it for the sake of peace and interfaith harmony.

She added that Mosques, Madrassa, Imam Bargah and schools were places of peace, but unfortunately, no such voice for calm was being raised from them, so the organization would provide training to religions scholars to take part in struggling for peace and minority rights.

The speakers also urged the non-Muslims particularly of their women to participate seminars and activities being made for their rights throughout the province so that they could put pressure on the government for early solution of their problems.

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