My government is ready for holding of LB elections in the province, CM

Peshawar: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has said that his government is ready for holding of local bodies elections in the province and asked the elections commission of Pakistan not to shift blame to the province for its own state of unpreparedness and weaknesses.

In a rejoinder issued here today the Chief Minister said that it was not other provinces but the only Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which passed necessary legislation from the provincial assembly and amended the rules and legal framework and undertook and completed the delimitation process in the province and in writing informed the Election commission for its willingness and preparedness for the holding of local bodies election in the province. Now it is the responsibility of election commission to respond and respond efficiently for the holding of local government elections in the province.

When we took all the prerequisites, made the highest level of preparedness and requested the election commission to conduct the elections in the province for local bodies in three phases because of the inappropriate weather and security related problems, the question does not arise that the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa should be blamed for its no fault what-so-ever.

Sketching out the background of the whole episode, the Chief Minister went on saying that it was in April 2014 when a meeting took place with NADRA and it was the NADRA which not only appreciated the concept presented by KP Government but pleaded to implement the concept and thereafter it was the responsibility of the election Commission to take care of the whole process. He said that on April 12 election commission was all out to judge the success or otherwise of the Biometric system for elections.

In December 2013 the election commission carried out mock poling in Peshawar and in January 2014 it was replicated in Islamabad and it was declared as success story.

Meanwhile, Supreme Court asked the election commission about the whole exercise for holding local bodies’ elections, on which the election commission responded that it was yet to undertake delimitation and amendment of rules etc.

He reminded that KP Government not only successfully undertook and completed the whole delimitation process, legal frame work and amended the rules etc .On December 22 the KP Government wrote to election commission to conduct elections for local bodies on Biometric System which the province covered under the law.

The Government plea was only that these elections should be conducted in three phases because of In-climate weather an hardships at security front. The ground reality is neither NADRA is prepared the Election commission is in a position because the election commission does not have necessary ballot papers etc nor the NADRA has the equipment for the holding of local government elections through Biometric system.

The Chief Minister said that the KP Government has been communicating to the election commission that its level of preparedness is upto the mark and therefore that election should be conducted on a Biometric System and still election commission has six month to make up the mark preparedness for conducting the local government elections.

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