Owing to increasing number of measles KP govt to lunch 12 days measles campaign

Peshawar: Owing to increasing registration of measles cases the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa government on Thursday announced to launch 12 days measles campaign with the cast of Rs 1 billion.

Provincial Minister for health Sharam Khan Tarakai said that to avoid any break out provincial government would launch anti-measles campaign from May 19th which would continue till 31st May.

So for, he said 3669 children have been registered affected with measles while five deaths have been occurred this year due measles. “ we want to avoid break out like Sindh and Punjab therefore along with Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization government) GAVI Khyber Pukhtunkhwa government would immunize children from six month to ten years of age” he said.

Sharam Khan said KP government would contribute  Rs 470 million for the campaign and GAVI will donate Rs 530 million to vaccinate  9,638,835 children with one doze measles vaccines irrespective their previous vaccination history.

The minister said that the nationwide measles campaign the campaign will be conducted as a rolling campaign at fixed and outreach centers and schools spanning over a period of 12 working days.

He said that along with measles polio drops will be administered to children in seven southern districts and 43 high risk  Union Councils of Peshawar and  two union councils of Nowshera.

To a question, provincial minister said government would solve the problems of young doctors as they will be given their right.

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