Peace Shareshta formed in Bara sub division of Khyber Agency .

Peshawar: Political administration Bara and local tribal elders of Bara on Saturday held a crucial jirga at Bar Qamber Khel Bara sub division of Khyber Agency.

The joint jirga unanimously agreed upon that only Pakistani flag would be hoisted at Bara rather than any other flag. The joint jirga was reportedly presided over by APA Bara Nasir Khan, sources said. prominent tribal elders participated in the jirga. The jirga was held on Saturday at Bar Qamber Khel area of Bara .

A source from Bara said that the joint jirga decided that in three years nobody or tribe would kill anybody, adding that if anybody killed anybody, he would be fined 2 crore rupees and his house would be set on fire. The jirga also settled that on violation of the jirga’s decisions, a fine of fifty lakhs would be imposed .

The sources also said that Bar Qamber Khel Namdar Group would be annexed into the tribal Peace Shareshta ( Traditional Tribal Lashkar ) at Bara to establish peace and restore government writ in the area so that people could live a peaceful life . The jirga also expressed satisfaction on the role of the security forces for establishing peace in the restive Bara sub division of Khyber Agency .

It was also learnt from the sources that similar Peace Lashkar ( Shareshta ) would be formed in the remaining tribe of Bara which would play the role to further establish peace. The Shareshta or in other words the peace lashkar would be responsible for maintaining security measures and that FC and KKF forces would support them to create an environment of peace and tranquillity in Bara

The political administration has also said that after the announcement by the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Mehtab Khan the displaced persons of Bara would be repatriated into their houses shortly.

However, the political administration has not given any specific regarding the IDPs repatriation. It is to be recalled that Bara based political administration had earlier stated that by the first January the BARA’s IDPs would be sent t their homes, however, the administration could not materialise that announcement. Now the next date for sending back the Bara IDPs would be set, which would be announced by the Governor KPK Sardar Mehtab Khan .

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