Proper attention needs to overcome mental health issues in school children, Atif

Peshawar: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Education Mohammad Atif Khan has said that mental health issues in school children were of sensitive nature and it needs proper attention adding that the PTI led Provincial Government was keen to tackle these issues on priority basis. He stated that the Government would spend Rs.43 billion on provision of missing facilities of 30 thousand government schools to ensure better healthy atmosphere to the students.

This, he said, while addressing a Health Policy Forum arranged by the Prime Institute of Health on the topic “mental health issues in school children of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” at Peshawar Medical College, on Thursday.

The Forum beside others was also addressed by Dr. Najeeb-ul-Haq, Dr.Ihsan-ul-Haq, Dr.Aqeel Raza and Dr.Fazal Zeeshan and stressed on the awareness and special training of teachers on mental health issues of school children.

The Provincial Minister said that education was the basic need of the society and uplift of nations was purely based on education. He declared that progress was not linked with mega projects, roads and buildings but it was education that paved way for progress and prosperity. He said that education system needs reformation as it was in downfall due to political interference and appointments.

Atif maintained that primary schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, for the first time would be of six rooms and there would be play area in each school, in future.

He further said that play area would also be provided to the existing 5 thousand schools in first phase. Similarly a survey was under way to collect accurate data of out of school children to enhance the enrolment ratio in Govt: schools, he asserted.

The Minister said that the Government has earmarked Rs. 800 Million for capacity building of Government schools teachers and for the purpose pre and post assessment of the teachers would be made. He said that workable suggestions for resolving the mental health issues of schools children would be welcomed and accommodated accordingly, added.