PTA works out the fare rates table per KM per passenger

Peshawar: Due to decrease in the prices of diesel @ Rs. 113.85 (Rs.114/- per litre) by the Federal Govt: on April 1, 2014, the Provincial Transport Authority, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar has worked out the following fare rates table per KM per passenger, for diesel operating passengers vehicles, on intercity route to be applicable forthwith as follow.

S.No	Name of Route Length in KM 

a) Flying coaches/Mini Buses @ Rs. 1.29 per KM/per Passenger Rs.	

b) A/C Buses @ Rs. 1.49 per KM/per passenger Rs.	

c) Ordinary Buses @ Rs. 1.14 per KM/per  passenger Rs.	

d) Luxury Buses@ Rs. 1.24 per KM/per passenger Rs.

1	Peshawar-Bannu	195	252	291	222	242

2	Peshawar-D.I.Khan	336	433	501	383	417

3	Peshawar-Haripur	156	201	232	178	193

4	Peshawar-Abbottabad	193	249	288	220	239

5	Peshawar-Mansehra	217	280	323	247	269

Note: i) The existing concession of 50% in the actual fare allowed to the students of deeni madaris, education institutions, blind/disabled persons and the passengers above the age of 60 years shall continue.

ii) in case the air-condition system is not working in air-conditioned vehicles, then fares of deluxe stage carriage bus will be charged.

It was stated in a circular issued by Provincial Transport Authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar.

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