Rahimdad Khan criticizes for changing the roots of economic corridor from China to Gwadar

Peshawar: Former senior minister and provincial president, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Rahimdad Khan has criticized the federal government for changing the routes of economic corridor from China to Gwadar.

Talking to reporters here at Press Club on Monday he said that the federal government was changing the roots only for the interests of Punjab ignoring the rest of the country. He said the road was earlier passing through Zoab, DIKhan, which would benefit the residents of South and North Waziristan.

It, he said would promote industries, provide jobs and bring prosperity in this area but the federal government was trying to change the roots for Punjab. He urged the government not to change the roots and restore the earlier map, which would end the existing unemployment, improve industries and bring economic prosperity in this militancy hit and backward areas.

Rahimdad Khan said that new roads would comes through Multan and Lahore, which already industrialized areas. He said the old roads would promote industries in their areas urging the government to work for the welfare and prosperity of the country instead of one province.

The PPP leader recalled that the Peshawar High court has suspended the verdict of the Gomal University regarding his Degree case. He said on January 13, the court has not only restored his degree and issued notice to the University and sough explanation from authorities. It, he said was astonishing to note that the Gomal University had been declaring his B/.A degree valid but later the same university termed it illegal.

Being the member of central executive committee (CEC) and provincial president, PPP Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he said how he could dare to indulge in such illegal practices. He said his political opponents tried to defame him on baseless grounds saying he reserved right to file a defamation case against them.

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