Shireen Mazari condemns illegal occupation of govt forest land by land mafia in Rajanpur

Peshawar: Central Information Secretary PTI, Shireen Mazari, today condemned the illegal and forcible occupation of government forest land by a land mafia in Rajanpur district supported by the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly Sher Ali Khan Gorchani and his clan.

They have encroached on forest land, cut down the forest and started cultivation of crops all on government forest land. Mazari pointed out that the Forest Officer has sought help from Chief Conservator of Forests Southern Zone who has in turn sought CM Punjab’s help – such is the terrorization power of the Gorchani sardars in the district.

Mazari stated it was shameful that Sher Ali Gorchani is openly defying the law while occupying the post of Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Legislature and that the CM has allowed this unlawful behaviour to continue unchecked.

Mazari also pointed out that Sher Ali Gorchani is also harassing the local administration, especially the police officers and threatening them all with dire consequences if they do not do his bidding.

He has succeeded in removing some officers who chose to follow the law and so now there is a growing reign of terror in Rajanpur district with law and order being subverted by MNA Gorchani. Mazari asked if this was CM Punjab’s idea of good governance.

“The PMLN MPAs from Rajanpur district are solely focused on harassing the local populace which is already suffering from an entrenched thana-kutchery culture and tumandar oppression”, Mazari said. She demanded the CM Punjab take immediate note of the Gorchani’s illegal encroachment and occupation of state forest land and have the same vacated. “Such flagrant disregard for the law and for state property as well as the wilful destruction of forest land cannot be allowed to go unpunished”, Mazari concluded.

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