Siraj urge Muslim and Arab rulers to use oil as weapon against Israel

Peshawar: Amir Jamat-e-Islami Siraj ul Haq has demanded of the Muslim rulers to show courage and use oil as weapon against Israel and save Palestinians against the  Israeli aggression. Addressing a function of distribution of 200 tricycles and wheel chairs among handicap people from Muslim Hand Australia and Al-Khidmat Foundation at Peshawar Press Club, Siraj said that Jamat-e-Islami would observe Yawme Azam to condemn Israeli Aggression against innocent Palestinians on Friday.

He said in the past Shah Faisal had used oil as weapon therefore the Arab rulers should adopt the same way and show courage to use oil as weapon and withdraw their money from US banks to give a dent  to Israel and America.

He said he as JI Chief is writing a letter to all Muslim rulers to awaken and stop  aggression against Palestinians. “ Israel is killing children,  women and other innocents but there is dead silence in Muslim World against this aggression,” he observed.

He said Israel is coward power which never compete Muslims in the battlefield therefore Muslim should announce Jihad against the aggressor and liberate Palestine.

Talking to handicap and special persons he said talking care of poor and special people is responsibility of government but due to lacking of Islamic government this responsibility is being fulfilled by Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan.

On this occasion he distributed 200 tricycles and wheel chairs among handicaps which were donated by Muslim Hand Australia through Al-Khidmat Foundation.

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