Tribesmen boycotts anti-polio campaign

Peshawar: The tribesmen at Mandai, Dargai and Meri Khel, of Landikotal have refused to administer anti-polio drops to their children in protest of lack of basic necessities and lack of interest of the local administration to solve their long standing land and other disputes with Niki Khel, tribe, the local sources said on Monday.

The elders of Karamna said, since long they have been faced with several problems like lack of electricity, and non-functional basic health unit, located in the area have lost its importance for them. They said, for the last several years a dispute has been in place between tribal of Karmana and Niki Khel tribe over the possession of land, however, they added, the administration is least concerned to solve it.

They also objected the presence of retired moharrar in the Assistant Political Agent’s office who is allegedly core of all miseries and should be replaced with efficient official.

Till meeting of their demands they will not administer polio drops to their children, they remarked.

Taley Mohammad Afridi, the in charge of polio program in Landikotal confirmed the boycott and said the refusal will effect 3000 children in the area. Their demands have been conveyed to the administration for consideration, he added.

Meanwhile Meri Khel tribe’s refusers also alleged the local political administration for not recovering their hostage person that is why they asserted that they would not allow anyone to administer polio drops to their children to lodge their genuine peaceful protest to seek justice.

A local dweller of Meri Khel Khyber said that more than fifty children were deprived of the polio drops due to their denial of the vaccination .So far sixty seven cases of polio have been detected in the whole of Khyber Agency

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