Begum Nasim announces ANP-Wali Khan group as her new party

Peshawar: Begum Nasim Wali, the widow of ANP Rahbar Khan Abdul Wali Khan on Wednesday formally announced his party with the name of ANP-Wali Khan group vowing that corrupt people will not be allowed to join the party.

Addressing a news conference at the residence of former MPA Atif-ur-Rahman, Begum Nasim said that her party’s manifesto will be same which was in the era of Abdul Wali Khan to strive hard of the rights of the Pukhtuns who were badly ‘suffered’ during ANP rule under Asfandyar and Haider Hotti.

The party, she said will soon re-gain the lost glory and it will be organized at district and provincial level before May first. “We will really honour the workers, we will not sell jobs like ANP did in its rule in recent past,” she said adding that corruption will be eliminated from the party and sincere workers will be given due status in the party.

Claiming owner ship of Bacha Khan Markaz, Begum Nasim who declared herself as patron in chief of new group in ANP, said that Bacha Khan Markaz belongs to her party therefore Asfandyar group must vacate it without any hesitation. She however said that her group will not involve in violence or occupy the centre by force.

On this occasion PML (N) leader Farid Khan Toofan announced to join Begum Nasim’s party and he was nominated as secretary general of ANP-Wali Khan group.

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