Begum Nasim urges Asfandyar to voluntarily separate itself from ANP

Peshawar: Veteran leader of Awami National Party Begum Nasim Wali Khan Wednesday said that she will not form separate party or forward block in ANP rather the troika—Asfandyar Wali, Azam Hoti, Ameer Haider Hoti will be kept away from the party.

“ I was silent but Asfandyar and his cronies destroyed ANP and the party lost its 100 years prestige in leadership of Asfandyar therefore I will urge them keep themselves away from the party affairs and give chance to honest and sincere people to save ANP,” she told a crowded news conference at Peshawar Press Club. Flanked by some old ANP leaders she said that despite her weak health status she had been compelled to rejoin politics and save this party. “

At this crucial time I will i appeal to ideological party workers, Khudai Khidmatgars and their scions to stand by me and play their role to safeguard this movement,” she said. Begum Wali Khan said that ANP was a movement for which thousands of people had sacrificed their lives but unfortunately this party was destroyed and corrupt people were given control of the affairs this great movement. “ now there will be no place for Asfandyar, Haider Hoti and his son Haider Hotti as they are responsible for the whole destruction of the party,” the veteran said. She said that said she will not make another party or a faction within ANP. It will remain the same ANP with the same red flag. She said party’s manifesto and constitution were mutilated therefore they will try to expel the usurpers and make it the same party it used to be under the leadership of Bacha Khan and Wali Khan,” . Begum Nasim who is in her late 70’s looked fragile. She also had problem in hearing the questions of journalists and those flanked by her repeated the questions to her.

Criticizing the ongoing ANP’s membership drive, the widow of Khan Abdul Wali Khan the Rehbar-e-Tehrik of ANP asked party workers to stay away from the ongoing party membership drive. Replying a question she said that there will be no membership drive in the past were sitting in their Hujras (male guest houses) and buying membership forms. If someone believes in democracy let it not be made a business.

To a question Begum Nasim said she came into politics on her own and would not take dictation from anyone. She said they would bring back all the disgruntled and neglected workers into party fold and strengthen it.

She said to dispel the impression that Azam Hoti is behind the entire ‘game’ Begum Nasim included Azam’s name in the troika, and he would come to the surface if Begum Nasim position strengthens.

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