CM congratulates newly elected presidents and other cabinet members

Peshawar: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak while congratulating the newly elected presidents and other cabinet members of Abbottabad, Batagram Press Clubs and Mansehra, Dir Bala Union of Journalists on their success is its annual elections has confided that they besides welfare of journalist community will play vital role in making the efforts on steering the nation out of the recent crises and challenges a successful story, highlighting the local issues and social evils as well as guiding both the public and the government in the right direction.

He said that in the prevalent scenario when the country especially the province was facing the challenges of the menace of terrorism, maintaining law & order and struggle for its due rights, there lies a great responsibility on the shoulders of the journalists of the region to mould the public opinion on the right path, effectively highlight the issue of provincial rights at national level and shoulder the provincial government’s efforts to this effect.

The chief minister said that the federal government as per the stance of the provincial government to resort to peaceful means for restoration of peace, had principally decided to initiate dialogue with Taliban and thus side by side other with all other segments society it was a national responsibility of the journalists and media to play their due role in making the dialogue process a success.

In his separate messages of felicitation to Sardar Naveed Khan, Qari Naseem Akhtar, Akhlaq Ahmad and Latif Bibiori, the newly elected presidents of Abbottabad, Batagram Press Clubs and Mansehra, Dir Bala unions of journalists respectively, the chief minister expressed the hope that they and their cabinet members would continue their sincere efforts for solving the problems of journalist community and highlight the public issues in their respective areas.

Pervez Khattak said that his government had initiated political and legal struggle to revive the economy of the province that was badly affected due to unrest and war on terrorism, to have control on our natural resources, increase the energy resources on war footings, receive the huge amount payable to the province by the federal government in the head of net hydel profit and resolve other issues of the province linked with the federal government.

He urged upon the journalists of the province to second the provincial government’s efforts to this effect and effectively highlight those issues at national level.

“Building a soft image of the province internationally is another challenge for which the media alongside the provincial government has to do a lot”, maintained the chief minister and added that his government was committed to fight the menace of corruption and purge the government machinery of malpractices, nepotism and inefficiency and to make it subservient to the people’s aspirations with the aim to establish a true Islamic welfare society which had long been dreamt of since our freedom and inception of the Pakistan.

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