CM’s Complaint Cell is effective for all genuine complaints, Dilroz Khan

Peshawar: Al-Haj Dilroz Khan, Chairman CM Complaint & Redersal Cell (CRC), has termed charges of an NGO DELTA Chairperson Ms Nazli Sardar as baseless and contacted wherein she alleged that despite lapse of over one year of the lodging of her complaint, no action was taken on it by CRC, so this cell is ineffective in her opinion.

Clarifying the factual position the Chairman CRC said that the complaint reffered by Nazli Sardar was infact about her family dispute and was personal complaint about her step mother, who allegedly sold the house located in University town, as she was given the same house in Haq Meher. The competent court has given decree in the year 1985, in favor of her step mother.

Nazli Sardar has filed appeal in different courts and the case is still subjudice in the court of law and hence out of the per view of the Complaints and Redressal Cell. This fact was also clarified to her on her visit to CRC personally. However it is strange that she organized functions and alleged CRC for a personal matter of her family dispute that is also subjudice in court of law and out of the ambits of CRC.

The Chairman revealed that till December 2013, as many as 13,959 complaints have been received at CRC. So far 2167 complaints have been redressed completely and 1951 are in the process of redressal. However 9841 complaints were not actionable due to particular reasons such as incomplete information, anonymous, revenue matter, subjudice matters and many relating to federal govt departments like PESCO, SNGPL etc.

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