Five KG explosive attached with time device used in Tablegi Markaz Blast

Peshawar: The Bomb Disposal Unit declared that five KG explosive has been used in Shafi Masjid Tablegi Masjid , AIG Shafqat Malik told media. He said that the explosive was planted in oil cane, which was attached with time device the AIG said adding that the explosive was of high quality that caused the huge damage.

He said that due to rescue operation due to which the confirmation of the actual cause of the blast was delayed. He said that it was not a suicide attack but a planted bomb attached with time device, which was placed inside a bag.

The blast occurred in between the pillar number 69-70 while thousands of people were offering the Magrib Prayers. The Volunteers are usually control the inside security of the Markaz.

Thousands of people gather in Markaz and half of them usually stay

for the night therefore they bring blankets and other things to cover themselves inside the mosque. All the Jumates also bring cooking utensils to prepare food for themselves.

Groups of preachers usually disperse from the Markaz on Friday for different areas for three days while some groups who complete their 4 months or 40 days schedule gather in Markaz to inform the elders about their performance and work they have done during the schedule time.

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