Governor KP calls for “Afghans led, Afghans owned” Solution to the Imbroglio

Peshawar: The Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Eng. Shaukatullah Khan has said that they are of the firm view that a peaceful, independent and prosperous Afghanistan will be very much suited to the interest of Pakistan and they wanted that every solution to the Afghan problem must be an “Afghan led and Afghan owned. The Governor said that the first and most beneficiaries of a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan will be the neighbouring Iran and Pakistan.

Addressing as Chief Guest at the concluding ceremony of a two-day “Qazi Hussain Ahmad Memorial International Conference: Peace and Reconciliation in Afghanistan” in Islamabad Wednesday he succinctly but specifically enumerated the fraternal relations between the people of the two countries and categorically stated that for Pakistan “Afghans are Afghans, one nation irrespective of their either being Tajik, Uzbek, Hazara or Pashtuns” and pointed out that it were not only the Pashtun tribes who traverse the Durand line but all along in Chitral too, the people of Qilash and Nooristan were ethnically from the same tribal origin.

Again, he pointed out that millions of Afghan citizens are still living in Pakistan with whom the local population despite their own poverty whole heartedly shares everything they possess.

He said that Pakistan and Afghanistan had not only fraternal and brotherly relations but were neighbours and neighbours could not be changed or replaced that is why they have to help and understand each other.

Eng.Shaukatullah Khan also welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of a committee for negotiations with the Taliban and hoped that reconciliation process will also be taken forward in both the neighbouring countries. The Governor regretted that on various turns, it was expected that the decades old Afghan problem were about to be resolved but unfortunately every time there were more and more destructions.

He regretted that though talks and agreements were concluded from Geneva to Mecca and Pakistan but on each occasion the situation was again pushed to square one. He recalled the destructions in Kabul he had himself seen and said that let’s join hands for restoration of peace there.

The Governor KP said that 2014 was not only a year of elections in Afghanistan but also a year of the withdrawal of NATO forces from there, then why should not it be the year of restoration of peace in that war ravaged country. However, he said that it will need wisdom and of course collective wisdom.

With regard to the complaints against police and or constant checking of the Afghans, the Governor pointed out that it happen everywhere and revealed that he personally knew that numerous skilled construction workers from Nowshera used to go to Afghanistan in the summer for earning their lively hoods but regretted that due to constant security checks they prefer to stay back now.

Besides others the chairman Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party Mahmud Khan Achakzai, JUI(F) Leader Hafiz Hussain Ahmad, JI leader Syed Munawar Hasan, Member, High Peace Council of Afghanistan Haji Deen Muhammad, former mujahideen Commander Ustad Muzammil, the head of Centre for Strategic Studies Kabul, Siffatullah Qanigh, Gen.(ret.) Abdul Qayyum address the session while the Conference was attended by a large number of political and parliamentary leaders, former generals and bureaucrats, writers and intellectuals both from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

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