IEDs disposed off

Peshawar: LANDIKOTAL: BDS disposed off three IEDs and four hand grenades in Khyber Area of Landikotal here on Wednesday. The IEDs and hand grenades had been kept in a ghee tin in Sadakhel area in a field at the bottom of the mountain, sources said, adding that there was also a remote control with these explosive devices, which were disposed off by the bomb disposal squad ( BDS) .

Some local tribal women saw the explosive in a ghee tin while collecting some dry straws and wood in the area. The women conveyed the information to their relatives who forwarded the news to security forces .After the information the BDS reached the spot and disposed off the IEDs along with the hand grenades.

A source also said that the explosives were rusted ,which showed as though some terrorists had kept them safe there long time ago. The local people were found scared by the news of the IEDs in their area.

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