Imran condemns blast in Tablegi Markaz

Peshawar: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has condemned the blast in a mosque Tableeghi Markaz at Peshawar in strongest terms that killed a number of innocent civilians assembled for prayer and left many injured. He said that those who seek to promote chaos around to further destabilize the country had perpetrated such an inhuman attack.

He said how a Muslim could assassinate his brothers in cold blood when Islam is a religion of peace and love and Prophet (S.A.W) is an absolute icon of mercy and compassion. These kinds of attacks, according to him are being hatched and executed by those who could be better termed as infidels and enemies of Islam and Pakistan.

He pointed out that new but chaotic wave of terror across th ecountry was due to apprehensive and criminal neglect by the federal government that had earlier been empowered by all political parties unanimously to carry out negotiations with armed groups in the mandate forwarded by APC.

What substantial the federal government has so far done to carry forward the mission towards peace and protection of precious lives and properties, he inquired. An instant rearrangement in the internal and external policies of federal government is inevitable, according to him as beleaguered ations has been forced to face the music of ruler’s immobility and inaptness.

Terming the incident a great tragedy, Chairman PTI expressed solidarity with the bereaved families and called upon the government of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa to provide complete care and treatment to the injured. He also demanded objective inquiry of the incident and sought for them to be brought to justice.

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