Khattak meets KhUJ delegation

Peshawar: Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has said that PTI-led government does not bother about oppositions but will fulfill its set agenda whether it pleases or displeases someone because our aims and intentions are based on sincerity and we are vowed to set up a vibrant system based on prompt justice and free of corruption adding that all out efforts will be made for the purpose.

He clarified that our fight against corruption would continue and such a system of accountability would be established in the province, which would be an example for the whole country. While lauding the role of media in reforming the society the chief minister said that his government was fully aware of the problems faced by the journalist community and it would leave no stone unturned to resolve it accordingly.

He expressed these views while talking to delegation of Khyber Union of Journalists ( KhuJ) that made a call on meeting with him at CM secretariat Peshawar and discussed with him various matters of mutual interest. Headed by the president of the union Nisar Mehmood, the delegation included the general secretary of the union Tariq Afaaq, Senior vice President Mohammad Naeem, Vice

President Farmanullah Jan and Joint Secretary Aftab Ahmad. MPAs Arif Yousuf and Fazl-e-Elahi,Secretary Information Tariq Jamil and Director Information Behramand were also present on the occasion. The delegation apprised the chief minister of the problems and issues faced by the journalists of the provincial metropolis.

The chief minister assured the delegation of suitable measures to resolve those issues and reiterated that PTI was voted to power on the agenda of change and it had initiated practical measures for it adding that very soon Khyber Pakhtunkhwa would turn to be an example for the rest of the provinces in terms of reforms.

Pervez Khattak maintained that change was an evolutionary process that needed time to take place adding that changing the outdated system of exploitation was not possible in days and it required endless efforts, hard work and sacrifices.

He however reiterated that the provincial government had set the right direction during the initial couple of months and in the near future people of the province would get the fruits of real change. Criticizing the previous coalition government of ANP and PPP, the chief minister said that the sole aim of the last government was to exploit the masses and promote corruption. “If the resources of the province were not plundered for personal gains in the past government then today the people of the province would not have suffered form such complicated issues”; the chief minister deplored.

Showing his dissatisfaction on the performance of the National Accountability Bureau, the chief minister said the due to the flawed policies of the bureau those who plundered huge chunk of the public money were wandering freely while the provincial government through proper legislation, was working on putting in place an impartial and fair system of accountability in the province viz Ehtisab Commission to carry out across the board accountability of the corrupt people adding that the accountability commission being established soon would be so strong and effective that it could take action even against the sitting chief minister and all other influential.

Khattak revealed that there were hundreds of corruptions cases with solid proofs reached to the govt and as soon as the accountability commission is put in place all those cases would be referred to it and all the corrupt would be brought to justice. He continued that practical and result oriented measures were being taken to mend the ugly ways of Patwaris and police and there had been visible changes in the traditional Patwar and police culture.

Touching upon the law and order situation of the province the chief minister said that restoration of peace in the region was not possible until and unless the so called war against terrorism and the drone strikes being carried in the Pakistani territory were halted once for all and added that PTI had got a resolution unanimously passed from the provincial assembly against the drone
strikes in which all the political parties of the province had supported PTI but when it came to the implementation and suspension of NATO supply then PTI was left all alone.

The chief minister said that he as chief minister had no power and mechanism to shoot down the drones and hence he had suspended the NATO supply. He demanded of the federal government to honour its election promise and take serious steps for stopping US drone attacks as he said the govts had to work for interests of its people and not for alien interests.

Referring to the development initiatives in the province Khattak said that a huge share of development funds was plundered by the commission mafia in the past but the present government has closed all the doors of taking commission by evolving a transparent system adding that from now onward development initiatives would be started on large scale all across the province and there would be no discrimination with any area. He urged the media to point out the flaws of the government and at the same time project its positive steps.

The chief minister assured that the issues of the journalists would be resolved on priority basis and directed the information department to submit proposals with regard to the welfare of journalist community.

On this occasion the journalists lauded the efforts of the provincial government to eliminate corruption form government machinery and assured the provincial government of their full support in highlighting the principled stance of provincial government on the rights of the province and other national issues.

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