Pervez Khattak meets Insaf Youth Wing Delegation

Peshawar: Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has urged upon the workers of Insaf youth Wing (IYW) to serve the public altruistically as it is the message of party leader Imran Khan for the youth of whole country and the same would lead the party to unprecedented success in the upcoming local bodies elections adding that the success of party in the election will help redress the deprivations of the poor people and usher in a new era of prosperity. While reiterating his resolve to implement the reform agenda of the party by cent percent he appealed the youth to play their due role in this regard.

He asked them to setup complaint cells at local level and to link it with the Chief Minister Complaint Cell so that hardships of the public could be redressed and their problems solved well in time.

He showed his resolve to implement the reform agenda not 99 but 100% for sure. He further assured that the PTI-led coalition govt of KP will fulfil all the promises made to the people one by one and we will come true to public expectations including the eradication of corruption, bribery and commission culture, provision of justice to the down trodden segments of society and changing the existing system of exploitation.

He said that all the three coalition parties of the provincial government fully agreed on the agenda of change and their track record was crystal clear to it. “We will do whatever we say and unlike the past rulers we do not believe in hypocritical politics of deceiving the public by hallow slogans.

We are not greedy for anything and our sole aim is to provide relief to the public by replacing the existing system of injustice with new and public friendly one as per our promises made in the general elections”, he added.

He expressed these views while talking to delegation of IYW led by Sajjad Bangash, President IYW Peshawar chapter at CM Sectt Peshawar. The delegation apprised him of their problems with unemployment on top. Minister Information Shah Farman Khan, Advisor to CM on Mineral Development Ziaullah Afridi, Advisor Economics Rafaqatullah Babar and Chairman DDAC Peshawar Ishtiaq Urmar were also present.

Pervez Khattak said that Provincial Youth Gala is being held in Peshawar by Culture Deptt to inculcate healthy spirit among youth. He said unemployment is a challenge for us and we are trying to tackle it accordingly. He said Khud Kifalat scheme has been started.

Under the scheme launched with initial fund of Rs.2 billions, business loans without markup ranging from Rs.50000 to 200000 would be given to unemployed youth of the province for a period of three years through BoK. He termed the scheme as an important step towards minimizing joblessness and poverty in the province and assured that the provincial government would allocate Rs.2 billion every year for the scheme so that maximum youth could be benefitted from it.

“The ratio of unemployment and poverty has increased immensely in the province as KP is severely affected by the unrest and terrorism for last over one decade”, said the Chief Minister and added that because of the increasing unemployment and poverty, the young generation is getting involved in negative activities; which is a matter of great concern, and as such it is high time that serious efforts should be made to address the issue.

Pervez Khattak remarked that the change agenda was just according to the aspirations and desires of the poor especially the youth who had reposed unprecedented confidence in the PTI led govt adding that we would not let the confidence of the people shattered rather would make all out efforts to come up-to their expectations.

He maintained that since coming at the helm of affairs, the coalition government, besides necessary legislation had been taking other practical steps for the implementation of its change agenda yielding positive results and with passing day people of the province would feel positive change and improvement in their lives.

“During the last eight months we have given necessary guidelines to the government departments and public service delivering bodies and set a right direction for them, I do not claim that all the things have been rectified but I can say for sure that the process of reforms has been started, police has been depoliticized, hospitals and schools have started to perform, bribery and commission culture in Patwar and other public offices has been checked and government jobs and postings/transfers of govt employees are being made purely on the basis of merit”, continued the Chief Minister and added that no member of the provincial cabinet had been found involved in taking bribe or commission and if found in future he would no more be part of the cabinet which is a real change and a great achievement of the collation govt.

Making a reference to the legislation made by his govt to purge the government machinery of corruption and ensure the delivery of better services to the public the Chief Minister said that Accountability Commission, Local Govt System, Right to services and Access to Information acts were the milestone achievements of his provincial govt to empower the people at grass roots level, ensure transparency, close the doors of corrupt practices and provide better social services to the public.

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