PTI govt giving special focus on tourism, Pervez Khattak

Peshawar: KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has said that the PTI government is giving special attention to the promotion of tourism and for this purpose it is efficiently exploiting all the available resources.

He said the holding of the Snow Festival under the auspices of Pak Army and the participation of large number of tourists from across the country including women and children in it is in-fact a big achievement, which he said besides bringing this snow-covered hidden area in limelight, also increased the affection of the people with army.

He said that through this festival Pakistan army has assisted both provincial and federal governments, for which he said they are thankful to it. He said there were complaints about condition of road leading to Malam Jaba and he has issued orders to KPHA for immediately construction.

Similarly BoIT has been given task to install modern chairlift there and launch helicopter service if number of tourists increase there, he added. He expressed these views on the occasion of the inauguration of five-day colourful Snow Festival at Malam Jabba, Swat on Wednesday.

The festival will continue till March 16, 2014. Those present on the occasion included Operational Commander Malakand Major General Javed Bukhari, Brigadier Suhail Nasir, Commissioner Malakand Afsar Khan, D.I.G Abdullah Khan, PML-N MPA Manawar Khan and other senior military and civilian authorities.

The chief minister said that practical implementation of the commitments made with the people during last general elections is being made. He said that unlike past rulers, they had never hoodwinked the people through making hallow slogans and tall claims, but had promised change in the system and today they are making efforts for proving them true.

He said that they had promised change in the system, eradication of corruption and provision of justice at any cost and they are giving practical shape to it. He said authorities have been issued clear-cut directives that instead of considering themselves rulers they should devote themselves for public service while laziness, negligence and corruption will not be tolerated.

He said PTI is battling for the abolition of social injustices and had directed all government departments that organizations have been constituted for the service of the people. He said that all possible measures are being taken for progress and development of the country and people.

Pervez Khattak said that the promotion of sports’ tourism is also their agenda and actively working for the revival of tourism activities in Swat, Dir, Chhitral, Hazara and Galiyat. He said that concrete measures at being taken for the development of Malam Jabba Skiing Resort and the 5-star and 3-star hotels of the area will be privatize within a period of two months to ensure their restoration where skiing, park and sports’ grounds will be constructed.

He said that unfortunately the outcome of the poor policies of the rulers of past is borne by the people, which resulted in destroying tourism industry even in the beautiful valley. He said that Pakistan army has played major role not only in the progress and development and restoration of peace in Swat, but, the credit of the restoration of tourism in the area also goes to it. He said that both provincial and federal governments are thankful to Pakistan army in this regard.

The chief minister said that realistic changes are being introduced in education, health and tourism sectors and government interference has been phase-wisely minimize or abolished in all tourism related organizations and private sector is being encouraged for provision of good services and facilities.

He further said that all public sector rest houses are being handed over to private sector so in future, they should not be occupied by government officials to take free benefits of them rather the general public should enjoy them.

He said that they are making all government departments including education and health subservient to the people and in future these organizations will provide day night services to the people and whichever failed in this endeavor would be abolished. He said that such kind of a system is being introduced in which the people will not be required to visit offices and their problems will be resolved while sitting in their houses. He said that youths are the real asset of PTI and a strategy for the utilization of their capabilities has been evolved.

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