Senior Minister KP calls on the Saudi Authorities to allow the Pakhtun labourers

Peshawar: Senior Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao has called upon the Saudi Authorities to allow the Pakhtun labourers earn livelihood for their families by rendering services in the Kingdom particularly in view of the massive poverty, unemployment and the brotherly relations between the two nations. Instead, the Saudi investors should come forward and invest in the power generation, mineral exploration and various other lucrative sectors of the Province for mutual benefit of the two people.

Talking to a Saudi delegation led by Eyad Baaj, who is also having a Saudi Investment Company Al-Qarnain (Pvt.) Ltd. the Senior Minister KP said that Pakhtun migrants were mainly performing as unskilled and thus manual labourers and the wages they earn form the main source of livelihood for their families that is why the reports about their maltreatments, arrests, forced deportations and evictions has created anxieties among the would be affected millions of poor people.

He pointed out that the people of KP i.e. the Pakhtuns had a lot of respect for the people, government and above all the land of Saudi Arabia in view of the teachings of their shared religion Islam and thus they are and will always not only respect the laws of that Kingdom but attach at it with sanctity. The Senior Minister also appreciated the assistances of the Kingdom and people of Saudi Arabia to the people of Pakistan in every emergency like the earthquake and financial crises.

Sikander Sherpao also briefed the Saudi delegation in detail about investment opportunities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa particularly in the sectors of Oil and Gas, Hydropower Generation, Mineral exploration and Housing.

The Senior Minister assured the Saudi delegation that both the government and people of KP will provide every help to such investors particularly in view of the fraternal relations between the two nations.

He said that the Saudi expertise in the field of energy production and the rich potential of the Province should be utilized for mutual benefit. Sikandar Sherpao pointed out that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has a capacity of the production of more than 25 thousand megawatt electricity from its Hydro resources of which it has identified and completed spade work over 13 projects with a production of 25 hundred megawatt hydropower electricity.

Besides it, the Province is working on availing of thermal, solar and wind power generation potential but above all after the 18th Constitutional Amendment the Province has got 50 per cent share in its oil and gas resources and that is there that the Saudi government and investors could contribute.

The Senior Minister said that at the moment the Province get some Rs.25 billion from its oil and gas resources which can be increased to Rs.80billion per annum. In case of Saudi investment in such sectors, the government and people will provide them every kind of assistance including repatriation of profit and security of personnel.

The Saudi delegation expressed their readiness to invest in the Province particularly in the sectors of Hydropower generation, Housing, Mineral Exploration, Livestock and Daily Development. They also said that there were ready to take up such projects both either in bulk or one by one and thus it was decided that a Saudi team will stay back in Pakistan for the next twenty days so that concrete steps are taken in this regard.

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