Speaker highlights role of media for mitigation of issues being faced by downtrodden Segment

Peshawar: Speakers at a training workshop have highlighted the role of media for mitigation of the issues being faced by downtrodden segment of the society and stressed the need of creating awareness among the masses to know their basic human rights.

They expressed these views during a daylong workshop organized by Journalists Welfare, Safety and Development Foundation (JWSDF) in collaboration with Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) and Peshawar Press Club (PPC) here at press club on Monday.

Those spoke on the occasion including educationalist Khadim Hussain, Senior journalist
Iqbal Khattak, representative of SPO Arshad Haroon, the PPC president Nasir Hussain, Chairman JWSDF Ali Hazrat Bacha and president Khyber Union of Journalists (KhUJ) Nisar Mahmood and a large number of journalists were also present in the workshop.

Expressing his regret over lack attention to social issues being faced by the downtrodden, Khadim Hussain said that there were thousands issues of the poor class but unfortunately, neither they were being reported in the newspapers not in the electronic media. For instance,
he maintained an outskirt of Peshawar Bad Bher, was the worst affected area of the city due to bomb blasts, which left thousands of women as widows and orphans but the media is ignoring the problems of the said people that how they are passing their lives.

Commenting bad ratio of education, he regretted that 2.5million children were out of
schools in the province while particularly girls have no access to basic education, so, he urged journalists’ community to voice for basic right of the children towards education in order to increase enrolment.

There are thousands of issues related to people in the country and province but the media avoid publishing them and owing to this, the problems instead of solving them, are increasing day by day.

Iqbal Khattak while sharing his experiences in the field of journalism said that to do journalism in conflict zone was difficult and added it was tough, challenging and sensitive professional but if a reporter follows professional ethics of journalism including accuracy, independent and responsible, would never face hurdle in doing his/her field in better way.

Dispelling the impression that a woman can’t be a professional journalist, he said when a woman can be a doctor, pilot and other professions so why not a journalist adding female journalists have more advantages to highlight social issues as per norms, traditions and culture.

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