Student killed in jamrud

Peshawar: A student of 10th class gunned down in Ghundi area of Jamrud sub- division of Khyber Agency here on Wednesday. Mohib Ullah son of Jan Khan Mastal Khel was killed last night in Ghundi area of Jamrud and his dead body was dumped in a graveyard, sources said. It could not be ascertained that who killed the student and why. The political administration has lodged the report against the unknown criminals.

Separately, in another incident at the same Jamrud new Abadi, an explosive device was blasted at the main gate of a private school which destroyed the main gate and the front wall. The disorder in Jamrud sub-division of Khyber Agency has gone worse in the last few months, which has scared and terrified the local people.

Most of the people in Jamrud fear that the disorder might cause them to migrate from the area to safer places. Major incidents have taken place in Jamrud in the last fortnight which has raised questions on the security measures in the area.

NATO supply truck and polio workers are the main targets of the militants in Jamrud area. The militants have also targeted the security forces who were protecting the polio workers in the area. Many families have migrated from Jamrud area due to growing insurgency . The federal government has also taken serious exception to the deteriorating law and order situation in Jamrud.

The Jamrud based political administration has badly failed to improve the law and order situation and overcome the increasing activities of the miscreants and militants.

Many rich people in Jamrud have received threats and chits to pay hefty amounts to unknown militants. In case of failure to pay the demanded amount, the militants resort to blowing their houses and properties with explosive material, which has created a dangerous atmosphere. The increasing blasts have also affected the polio vaccination campaign in Jamrud area.

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