PIAF congratulates govt. for getting GSP Plus status from European parliament

LAHORE: Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front (PIAF) on Thursday congratulated the government for getting GSP Plus status from European parliament and hoped that the government would facilitate the export-oriented industry to fulfil all the foreign orders.

In statement issued here, the PIAF Chairman Malik Tahir Javaid said that the GSP Plus status would not only help expansion in existing businesses but would also encourage foreign businessmen to put their money in new ventures in Pakistan.

The PIAF Chairman said that the boost to the manufacturing sector would also create new jobs that would definitely help bring down the graph of unemployment that was going up with every passing day.

“By all means it is a great opportunity for Pakistani businessmen and great achievement of the present government as not only the government would get needed foreign exchange but its image would also get a new boost.”

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