PM visit to bring new era of Pak-Afghan relations: Birjees Tahir

Islamabad: Ch. Muhammad Birjees Tahir, Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs & Gilgit Baltistan has said that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Afghanistan will bring about a new era of Pak-Afghan relations. He said this while talking to a group of journalists in Sangla Hill.

He said that difference between autocratic Musharraf and civilian Prime Minister is that former brought the menace of terrorism into Pakistan while latter is trying to help our nation get rid of it. We believe in power of dialogue, cooperation and economic relations. Democratically elected government has pledged to bring peace and prosperity in country.

He added that Pakistan’s peace is linked with peace in Afghanistan. A peaceful Afghanistan is a guarantee of peaceful Pakistan. Our dream is not only peaceful Pakistan but also a peaceful Afghanistan. This is why our government accords the highest priority to relations with Afghanistan. Prime Minister’s proposed Afghan package will open new avenues of development in Afghanistan.

Through Prime Minister’s proposed Peshawar- Kabul Motorway, Afghan products will not only final access to South Asia but also global markets. Furthermore, he said that Pak-China economic corridor will not only benefit Pakistan and China but also Afghanistan and India which will also harvest its fruits.

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