Police kill 89 bandits in four months

Karachi: Sindh police in a performance report for four months from 5th September to 6th December 2013 said 4849 raids were conducted, 546 police encounters held, 89 bandits killed, 9944 accused were arrested and 2943 different arms recovered from their possession in Karachi.

The raids and police encounters were conducted by all three zones of Karachi police – East, West and South.

Police recovered 2 suicide jackets, 5 rocket launchers/ rockets, 156 hand grenades, 15653 kilograms explosives, 84 shotguns, 56 rifles, 70 Kalashnikovs, 3 light machine guns, and 2545 pistols, revolvers and mousers, besides 17-kg heroin and 2 Maunds of hashish.

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