PPA raises awareness about vaccination

Karachi: Immunization is the best way of preventing disease but we are unfortunate that our children are suffering from diseases for which effective vaccines are available.

This was stated by Professor of Paediatric Baqai University Prof Jalal Akber and Assistant Professor at Dow University of Health Sciences Dr Khalid Shafi while addressing Immunization Awareness and Training workshop held at Sindh Government Hospital, Korangi, Karachi.

Pakistan Paediatric Association (PPA) has launched a campaign to create awareness about vaccination. In this context training workshops will be organized through Pakistan. The first inaugural workshop was held in Sindh Government Hospital which was attended by a large number of paediatricians and doctors of Landi and Korangi.

Dr Khalid Shafi delivered a presentation and informed that every year about 2.5 million children die due to different diseases which can be prevented by vaccines. He informed the participants that the vaccination facilities are available all over Pakistan without any charge.

General Secretary of PPA Sindh Prof Jalal Akber stressed the doctors to play their role in vaccination so as to save our children from diseases like TB, Pneumonia, Tetanus, Polio etc. Dr Khalid Bukhârî informed that vaccination facilities are available in all the hospitals and doctors should fully utilize them.

Dr Hussein, Town Health Officer, Korangi assured their full cooperation to PPA in this noble cause. A panel of experts consisting of Prof Jalal Akber and Dr Khalid Shafi answered the queries of the participants.

In the end, Dr Shahzad Ali thanked PPA for organizing this very important training workshop.

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