Pillion ridding to be banned from 8th Moharram – 71485 policemen, 7700 Rangers, 52 army cops to guard Moharram processions: Murad Ali Shah

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Pillion ridding to be banned from 8th Moharram – 71485 policemen, 7700 Rangers, 52 army cops to guard Moharram processions: Murad Ali Shah

September 1, 2019

Karachi, September 01, 2019 (PPI-OT): Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, in order to ensure fool proof security arrangements during majalis and processions, has approved installation of extra CCTV cameras used during general elections and directed law enforcement agencies to deploy heavy force of police and Rangers all over Sindh and also keep 52 companies of Pak army ready in reserve so that they could be called in case of any emergency.

The meeting was attended by Chief Secretary Mumtaz Shah, Advisor to CM Murtaza Wahab, DG Rangers Major General Omer Ahmed Bokhari, IG Sindh Dr Kaleem Imam, PSCM Sajid Jamal Abro, Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shahlwani, Adl IG Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon, Adl IG CTD Kamran Fazal, Adl IG Special Branch Imran Minhas, Secretary Local Government Khalid Hyder Shah, Sector Commanders of intelligence agencies, provincial head of IB, Col M. Nasir of 5 Corps, Col Faisal and other concerned officers.

The chief minister said that during last three years no major incident had taken place in the province of Sindh. “This shows that the political will of the government, hard of law enforcement agencies, police, Rangers and intelligence agencies and their sacrifices have produced best results in terms of restoration of law and order in the city,” he said and also expressed his reservation on the targeted killing of a doctor in the city. “This shows that we have done best work in restoration of the law and order situation in the city but still we have to do a lot,” he said and added “we will have to work in the same spirit and coordinated manner till the existence of the last out law in the city,” he said.

DG Rangers: DG Rangers Major General Omer Ahmed Bokhari briefing the meeting said that the route of the Moharram procession has become a little bit long because of development works in progress at M.A Jinnah Road from Numaish towards Tibet Center. He said that 7700 Rangers personnel would be deployed for the security of Moharram procession.

DG Rangers said that 3400 Rangers personnel would be deployed in East Zone, 600 in West Zone, 400 in Mirpurkhas division, 600 in Shaheed Benazirabad, 1000 at Sukkur and 1700 in Larkana division. General Omer Bokhari said that 52 army companies would be deployed all over Sindh, including 14 in Karachi, five in Hyderabad, four in Mirpurkhas, three in Shaheed Benazirabad, 10 in Sukkur and 16 in Larkana divisions.

IG Police: IG police Dr Kaleem Imam briefing the chief minister said that there were 2015 imam bargahs in the province, including 590 in Hyderabad, 464 in Larkana, 374 in Sukkur, 342 in Karachi, 138 in Mirpurkhas and 107 in Shaheed Benazirabad divisions. He added that there would be 15,971 majalis all over Sindh, of them 1408 were most sensitive and 5199 sensitive.

The IGP said that 71485 policemen and women would perform duty during Moharramul Haram all over Sindh, including 7044 would be mobile force, 52725 static, 6539 to be deployed at police pickets and 5177 would be reserve. Dr Imam added that 3793 mobiles, APCs, and motorcycles would participate in the deployment all over Sindh, of them 1652 in Karachi, 934 in Hyderabad Division, 210 in Mirpurkhas, 249 in Shaheed Benazirabad, 305 in Sukkur and 443 in Larkana division.

In Sindh 6288 Matmi processions are taken out, of them 439 have been declared as most sensitive and 1788 sensitive. Apart from them 737 Tazia processions are held, of them nine have been declared as most sensitive and 242 sensitive.

IG Police told the meeting that air surveillance would be conducted from 8th Moharram of 21 different place of Karachi, six of Hyderabad division, one at Shaheed Benazirabad, seven at Sukkur and five in Larkana division. Similarly, 93 mobile phone jammers would be installed all over Sindh. Some 856 containers have been obtained to block some roads leading to procession.

Traffic arrangement: He said that 1022 traffic policemen would be deployed in the province which include five SSPs, 11 DSPs, 13 inspectors, 334 NGOs, 164 HCs and 495 PCs.

Adl IG Karachi: Adl IG Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon briefing the meeting about security plan in Karachi said that 9th Moharram procession starts at 12 noon from Nishtar Park. It route would be Nishtar Park, Guru Mandar – New M.A Jinnah Road and Namze Zihrain would be offered at VVIP Gate of Mazar-e-Quaid. Then the procession would pass through Peoples Roundabaout, New M.A Jinnah Road, Saddar Dawakhan, Empress Market, Regal Chowk, Tibet Center, Plastic Market to Hussainian Iraninan Imambargah. There would over 30,000 mourners in the procession.

Talking about 10 Moharram procession, the Adl IG Karachi said that it would start from Nishtar Park. The route would be the same but Nimaze Zihrain would be offered at Tibet Center at 1.30pm. The procession would be end at Hussianina Iranian Imambrgah at 1800 hours. There would be more then 50,000 mourners.

Mr Memon said that keeping in view the potential threats walk through gates would be installed and police deployment would be on the rooftops of the nearby buildings. The bomb disposal squad would sweep the areas and all the entry points to the procession would be kept under strict watch and scanning of every individual.

He said that ambulances and other escorting vehicles have been issued security passes. The media vans would also have stickers/security passes. There would be heavy deployment of force at the head and ten-ends of the processions. An officer of SP level would lead the procession and maintain close coordination with shia leaders and their Peace Committee members. Some 167 roof-top/buildings on the route of the procession would be guarded by 334 policemen.

The movement of the procession movement would be monitored through CCTV cameras from Command and Control Center and there would also be moving CCTVs vans to cover the procession. The meeting was told that from Moharram 1st to 10th Moharram there would be 6028 majalis in the city which would which would be guarded by 1073 policemen.

He said that in case of any incident, Isolation of Scene team, team for arresting miscreants/accused and evacuation teams have been formed. Watch could be made on the new comers and the people involved suspicious activities.

Ban on pillion Ridding: The chief minister approved ban on pillion ridding from the night of 8th Moharram. He directed the IG police start snap checking all over Sindh. He said he was not in favour of ban on pillion riding but the killing of a doctor by two motorcyclist has forced him to take the decisions.

Commissioner Karachi: Commissioner Karachi briefing the meeting said that he has constituted peace committee which have been meeting with deputy commissioners and have also held meetings with him. He said that repair of patch work and provision of water and power to the areas have already been directed.

Home Secretary: Home Secretary Kazi Kabir told the meeting about the code of conduct he has shared with district administration and said that peace committee have been formed in every district where meeting were in progress. He said that he has issued directives to all the deputy commissioners to keep the areas of majalis and Moharram procession neat and clean and provide the all possible facilities.

Kazi Kabir said that 484 trouble-spots/flash points have been identified all over Sindh. These flash points include 245 in Karachi, 31 in Hyderabad, 33 in Mirpurkhas, 12 Shaheed Benazirabad, 72 Sukkur and 91 in Larkana divisions. He added that the deployment of the police, Rangers forces would be made according for which he was coordinating with police, Rangers, Pak Army and intelligence agencies.

CM: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah directed the IG Police and Rangers to keep strict security on all the exit and entry points with Sindh and Balochistan. Special focus must be made on the movement of terrorists on the Sindh Balochistan and Punjab borders. He urged the police and Rangers to conduct an operation on Sindh-Balochistan and Punjab borders and bordering cities so that terrorists and their supporters could be taken to task.

He directed Commissioner Karachi and Secretary Local Government to repair all the roads leading to procession and Majalis area. The sewerage system, and provision of water to their Imambargah and majalis are must be ensured. He also ordered repair of street lights and urged the commissioner to ensure no power outage in these areas.

He directed deployment of intelligence officers from today (Sunday) upto 10th Moharram in the bordering districts such as Jacobabad, Kashmore-Kandhkot, Kambar-Shadadkot, Shirkarpur upto Dadu so that a proper watch could be made on the new comers and the people involved suspicious activities. The chief minister said that due to Kashmir issue security arrangements must be accordingly. He also directed all enforcement agencies to keep the potential threats of banned out its in mind while implementing security plan.

Operation against dacoits: The chief minister also said that he wanted to chair a meeting to launch operation against dacoits in katcha area but Moharram was more important, therefore “I don’t want to divide the focus,” he said and added just after Moharram he would be sit with law enforcement agencies to chalk out a detailed plan to crush the dacoits who kidnap people for ransom. He directed IG to continue his targeted operation against dacoits and their facilitators in Northern areas of Sindh upto Central parts of the province at Nawabshah.

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