Protest demo against MNA in Landikotal

Peshawar: Azamkhel tribesmen staged a protest demonstration against tribal MNA Alhaj Shahji Gul here in front of Landikotal press club on Friday. Score of students and youth from Azamkhel tribe staged the protest demonstration and condemned the illegal involvement of MNA representatives in government departments including education department. The protestors were holding placards inscribed with slogans against MNA.

Speaking on the occasion, Tariq Afridi and Altaf Afridi, said that MNA Shahji Gul was targeting his political rivals and supporters of the former MNA Noor ul Haq Qadri. He said that MNA had assigned special tasks to his representatives at all government and civil offices and departments.

Tariq said that MNA representatives were interrupting officials’ business. They accused that MNA had so far made dozens of transfers in government departments especially in Education department to replace his opponent. Altaf said MNA had placed his own supporters on the golden places to let them avail and enjoy in five years.

The protestors demanded of the chief justice of Peshawar high court and the governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to take notice of the interference and take action against the MNA.

The protestors warned that if MNA, his brother or touts continued interfering in any government depart to harass their opposition, they would mobilize the tribesmen in every tribe to come out to roads to protest against the MNA and his touts. They also alleged the MNA for his failure to meet his pledges with the voters of NA 45 that is why he was trying to divert attention of the people from their actual and basic problems.

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