Aitzaz Ahsan speaks

QUETTA: Pakistan People’s Party would shortly release white paper about record rigging and open interference of Presiding Officers in May 11 general elections.

These views were expressed by Central Leader of PPP Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan while speaking to a group of Newsmen here Friday.

He said Party would not become part of any movement which endangers democracy.

He said judiciary under the leadership of Chaudhry Iftikhar committed excess with PPP and issued order to summon Prime Minister and Ministers within 15 minutes.

He said full measures are needed for law and order in Balochistan. It is the only area in the world where four types of street crimes are committed. Banned organizations, secret agencies, sectarianisms and terrorists are involved in these crimes. He said only innocent people are targeted in these incidents.

He said Balochistan is a rich province with all sorts of resources. It has great importance.

He said in Punjab excesses were committed against our workers by Mian community and they were kept out of employments.

He said Judiciary played role of wicket keeper and Media acted as umpire to fail our government during PPP regime. But both Media and Judiciary are silent despite losses of millions of dollars in the country.

Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan said massive rigging of polls was committed in Punjab particularly in our areas. He would soon hold a Press conference and issue White paper exposing record rigging and open interference of Presiding Officers.

He said PPP provided employments to the people while PML-N was snatching it from the people.

Public transport between Sindh, Punjab closed

DERA ALLAH YAR: Public transport between Balochistan and Sindh came to standstill Friday over dispute on van stand. Public transport was completely stopped creating great difficulties for the travellers.

According to details a dispute worsened over van stand in Jacobabad. Transporters of Sindh capture the stand and stopped public transport at Same Canal and imposed ban on their entry into Sindh.

People were facing great difficulties due to suspension of public transport in Sindh and Balochistan. People are forced to travel on foot along with their women and children during severe hot weather.

Transporters plying their vehicles on Bhag, Gandava, Dera Murad Jamali, Sibi, Usta Muhammad, Dera Allah Yar, Sohbatpur and Hameedabad parked their vehicles including buses, coaches, mini buses in Dera Allah Yar and staged a protest sit in. They blocked National highway linking Balochistan with Sindh Balochistan.

President Wagon Transport Union Ghulam Rasool Brohi and others speaking to media told that President Transport Union was forcing our vehicles from entering into Van stand. They said DPO Jacobabad was also backing President Transport Union and arresting our drives and challaned their vehicles.

They said for several years our vehicles stand at Jacobabad stand but for the past few days bhatta is demanded and our vehicles have been banned for not paying bhatta which is great injustice. They said so far our vehicles are allowed entry into Jacobabad Van stand we would not allow a single vehicle to enter into Balochistan form Sindh.

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