Amir JI Balochistan speaks

QUETTA: By blood bathing Quetta someone was being pleased. Killing of Pashtoons in Mastung incident is a tragedy under new perspective. It is aimed at pitching Baloch and Pashtoons.

Baloch militants should clarify their stand over the killing of innocent people. By creating tension following sectarian fight an atmosphere of fear has been imposed on tens of thousands of people. Killing of workers and innocent people whether physical or economic is inhuman and anti Shariah.

These views were expressed by Amir Jamaat Islami Balochistan Abdul Mateen Akhundzada while speaking with President National Labour Federation Pakistan Rana Mahmood Ali at JI Provincial Secretariat here Sunday.

Rana Mahmood Ali said that workers by giving their basic human, constitutional rights nation can be steered out of problems and difficulties. Owing to worst price hike and unemployment workers do not have two times bread. He aid sufficient raise should be given in their salaries. At the private level they should be given wages according to their work.