BA passes four resolutions

QUETTA: Balochistan Assembly at its session here Thursday adopted four resolutions. It was private members day and session was chaired by Deputy Speaker Abdul Quddus Bizenjo who later adjourned the House till Saturday.

First resolution was moved by Mufti Gulab Khan Kakar. It said that Aghberg area which consists of 19 killis (villages) is part of Quetta District but it is deprived of basic facility of gas during this modern age. It has confronted people with sense of deprivation.

This house recommends to provincial government to approach federal government of taking immediate measures for supply of gas to the said area as it is also long standing demand of the people.

Mufti Gulab said that he has held meetings with high ups and informed them but no action has been paid to our request. House unanimously okayed the resolution.

PML-N MPAs Sardar Muhammad Saleh Bhotani, Tahir Mahmood, Ms Raheela Durrani, Fateh Muhammad Buledi and Dr Shama Ishaq moved joint resolution.

Their resolution called for strictly implementation of 70 percent quota at all private companies, banks and mobile companies while issuing NoC. Moreover said companies should ensure employment of youth as per agreed quota in Hub an industrial city of Balochistan so that skilled and educated youth get jobs.

Deputy Speaker Abdul Quddus Bizenjo in his ruling said provincial government should form a committee to investigate whether these companies and factories working in Balochistan have ensured 70 percent quota. He aid provincial government should make them binding whatever message is conveyed to them they should implement it otherwise these should be closed. He said provincial government has an authority and it should take full steps for implementation of its orders.

Mohtarma Husn Bano in her resolution said maximum age limit for participation in CSS exam is 28 years in view of deteriorating situation, economic and educational backward in Balochistan but they do not fulfil it.

PMAP MPA Agha Liaqat Ali in his resolution said Provincial levies Force was merged into Police in 2007. Educated employees of this force passed their A-1 and B-1 exams and selected for effective course. They also passed coursed for ASI and head constables. But in 2010 Levies force was separated from Police. Educated employees of Levies force were working on their posts.

It called for extending this age limit to 35 years keeping in view backwardness of Balochistan and its peculiar situation to help youth of the province to join senior civil service and they could get employments according to provincial quota. Main reason behind it is promotion quota for Levies force is 20 percent and Police employees is 60 percent which was causing disappointment and restlessness among Levies employees.

House recommended to provincial government to equal 20 percent promotion quota of Levies force equal to 60 percent as of Police.

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