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QUETTA: Secret agencies were continuing abduction of Baloch political workers and throwing their mutilated dead bodies even during present regime era in sheer violation of constitution and law and human rights. Even now dead bodies of missing persons were being recovered from Punjab. Three dead bodies of Bugti tribesmen were found form Rahim Yar Khan few days back.

This was stated by Chairman Baloch Voice for Missing persons Nasrullah Baloch and relatives of missing persons at a Press conference here Monday.

They said present government was taking no practical measures for recovery of missing persons and stopping recovery of their mutilated dead bodies rather it was providing security to unconstitutional and inhuman excesses of secret agencies. They said government was supporting military trial of military men involved in the missing persons cases. Relatives of missing persons want that trial of military men should be held in the civil courts. They demanded of the provincial government to withdraw support for their military trial.

They said Cases of human rights are accorded priority over other cases in the Supreme Court and more than two weeks time is not given. They said on May 6 a hearing was scheduled in the Supreme Court but for some unknown reasons it could not be held. Two months have passed hearing of missing persons from Balochistan case has not been heard. It was increasing mental worries of relatives of missing persons.

They said an application was filed in Supreme Court three months ago appealing to Chief Justice to transfer missing persons case to Bench 1. But it was not being implemented. Transfer of this case to Bench 1 would provide much relief to the relatives of missing persons and scores of implications could be avoided.

We appeal to Chief Justice once again to transfer case of missing persons to Bench 1 because it is matter of basic human rights. Taking immediate notice of it is constitutional and legal duty of Supreme Court. Delay in justice is like suppression, they added.

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