Commander Southern Command-Sports Festival

QUETTA: Balochistan is future of Pakistan and its youth are asset of the country. Baloch youth should not fall prey to any so called freedom. Pakistan is independent state and its everything belongs to Baloch. Those surrendering weapons and adopting peace deserve tributes.

These views were expressed by Commander Southern Command Lt General Nasser Khan Janjua at the inaugural ceremony at Ayub Stadium here Sunday.

Earlier Baluchistan Governor Mohammad Khan declared Festival open.

He said brave people and loving sons and daughters have made this festival a remarkable and spread colours of love in Balochistan particularly in the atmosphere of Quetta. These colours have spread everywhere. Atmosphere was giving fragrance by their love and fresh air was blowing now. People have started having sigh of relief. We have to improve this situation with our unity.

He aid people of Balochistan are asset of Pakistan. Balochistan is rich in minerals and it is future of Pakistan. People fo Balochistan are identity of Pakistan and hope. If Pakistan is heart Balochistan is heart beat. Pakistan is independent country and people of Balochistan are its independent and respected citizens. Pakistan’s meaning is La ilaha Illah. We are follower of this Kalima and equal in the country. We have to leave colour, creed, sectarianism and terrorism. We have to cleanse motherland and Balochistan of menace of terrorism. He said he was hopeful with our love we would eliminate this with our love.

He thanked youth who have surrendered weapons and adopted way of peace and decided not to play bloodshed.

He said they were fighting for what independence. They were already free. We have achieved Pakistan by giving sacrifices and blood. This Pakistan is theirs and those they were killing were also theirs.

He aid we have nothing but love for those who lay down their weapons. Armed forces are because of them. They love them very much. Let us live with dignity and honour, he added.

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