Everyone should openly support Palestinians

QUETTA: Every strata of society in Pakistan should openly support people of Palestine. Oppressed and suppressed particularly people of Palestine were looking at Islamic world with particular reference to Pakistan. Jamaat Islami has openly raised voice against Israeli cruelties.

This was stated by Amir Jamaat Islami District Quetta Zahid Akhtar Baloch here Wednesday.

He said Israel is illegitimate child of America. It is necessary rulers of Islamic world should get untied to save Palestinians from Israeli brutalities and barbarism.

He said suppressed mothers, sisters and daughters of Palestine were waiting for Muhammad bin Qasim and Salahuddin Ayubi. Innocent Palestinian children, daughters and mothers were being killed against whom Israel was carrying out air and ground assaults. Hundreds of Palestinians have been martyred and injured. Their settlements have been destroyed. Israel was threatening them to leave Gaza.

Under such a situation Pakistani rulers should not play role of silent spectator. Muslim rulers have heavy responsibilities and they should discharge it with great courage.

He said if rulers take Holy Book Quran in one hand and sword in the other entire nation would stand with them. And Indian, Israel or America would not dare to commit excesses on Muslims.

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