Improvement in health, education sectors: CM

QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minster Dr Abdul Malik Baloch has said there has been improvement in the sectors of education and health during the past one year since incept of present government. Government was monitoring performance of these sectors. If there was any complaint we should be informed and we would take action.

This he said while seeking on a resolution moved in the House here Monday. Joint resolution was tabled by Health Minister Rehmat Saleh Baloch, Adviser Khalid Langov and MPA Mohtarma Dr Shama Ishaq Baloch.

It recommended to the provincial government for proper legislation to provide health facilities to the people at their doorsteps. It added that newly selected doctors by Public Service Commission should be bound to serve in district of their origin.

He said if health ministers transfers any employee in the people’s interest he must not sustain any pressure thereon. He said during past one year coalition government though did not bring big change yet there is improvement in the education and health sectors. He said previous government appointed eight thousand people. Of these eight hundred are fake.

He said he held a meeting with Vice chancellors of various universities. They told that previously no Chief Minister or cabinet members held meeting with them. He said all the provincial ministers are fully authoritative. They should work for betterment of people.

Provincial Minister Nawab Ayaz Jogezai of PMAP while lashing out at his own government said that even completion of one year coalition government did not take special measures about health and education nor ensure presence of doctors and teachers at their work places. We did not work whatever we had to even after one year with regard to education and health. He said bureaucracy has become totally out of control and ministers seem helpless.

Health Minister Rehmat Saleh Baloch said if political and ministers interference is stopped he would set his department right and if failed he would quit his office. He said there is mafia in health department.

Leader of Opposition Maulana Abdul Wasay said doctors posting period should be for three to five years. He regretted that leader of the house says ministers are powerful while schools are close din interior of the province.

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