Injectable polio vaccine

QUETTA: The Injectable Polio Vaccine (IPV) would be kicked off in three high risk districts of Balochistan where epidemic polio virus was still active in two phases from 4th April.

Provincial Coordinator Polio Program Dr. Syed Saifur Rehman has Said here Sunday that the initiative of Injectable Polio Vaccine (IPV) program would be launched from 4th April in Quetta, Pishin and Killa Abdullah in which nearly 2,39,199 children would be injected against polio virus.

Launching IPV programme the first campaign would be commenced from April 4 and continue till 12, targeting more than 1,50,842 children in the provincial capital, 41,898 in Pishin and 46,450 in Killa Abdullah, Dr. Saifur Rehman added.

The IPV campaign would be launched in three high risk district of Balochistan comprising on Quetta, Pishin, Killa Abdullah, Tehsil Chaman and Dobandi where the polio virus still fervent and could affect more children.

The 2nd IPV phase would be kicked off from 13th April to 20 in Tehsil Killa Abdullah and Gulistan where more than 44,450 children would be injected with polio vaccine. In Pishin more than 41,898 children would be vaccinated.

“During the program children under age of 4 to 23 months would be injected with polio vaccine which would be helpful to halt polio virus from moving to rest of the province,” Dr. Saifur Rehman said and added that 0 to 23 months children are most vulnerable to polio and more than 85% cases reported from this age group. Therefore Government of Balochistan with support of its partners will be launching a special campaign in Quetta, Pishin and Killa Abdullah. “Around 649 temporary vaccination outreach centers will be established in Quetta block,” Dr Saif Said.

Balochistan’s first Polio case of 2016 was reported in Quetta city in February. Mohammad Akram 30 month’s toddler was diagnosed with polio virus in the provincial capital.

Balochistan Provincial EOC Coordinator Dr Syed Saifur Rehman has said that the recent polio case of Quetta missed the IPV in 2015. “ one case in 2016 and five in 2015 in Quetta and one from Killa Abdullah in 2015 reported and they missed the IPV Campaign,” Dr Saif Said. If we vaccinated these children from IPV then these case would not be reported, he added.

Dr Saifur Rehman appealed the parents to vaccinate your children at the nearest Center help prevent your child from lifetime paralysis. IPV will boost their immunity and IPV plus OPV will ensure that children are safe from polio.

Total seven polio cases were reported in Pakistan during the 2016 and the Federal and provincial Governments were optimistic that the war against Polio would be continued.

He said that during the current campaign the security forces are also engaged to avert any untoward incident, adding Balochistan Levies and Police would accompany the teams to ensure security while Frontier Corps(FC) would also assist the campaigns in bordering towns.